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March 14, 2011
Stan Goss - Live at Houston's First United Methodist Church - Men's Group

Saturday - March 12, was a special day for the men's group at Houston's First United Methodist Church as Stan Goss delivered the Keynote Breakfast presentation. Retired, Rewired and Refired was a big hit with the crowd of over 50 men in attendance. His message was perfectly clear, "Don't Retire…Rewire and Refire!"

Stan provided a powerful insight into the current reality of today's economic crisis and the major shift in paradigm from a bygone era of age and retirement. Stan illustrates the changes that are facing a society who is living longer, facing an insurmountable national debt and relying on our government to provide the majority of our health care and welfare through our senior years.

His message is one that sparks inspiration and motivation to a generation of baby-boomers that have the means to make a difference. Stan's serves up a healthy dose of prescriptives that are sure to be a big hit with American's of any age.

Stan's message was delivered with wit and humor. His warmth and magnetic personality make him a very attractive keynote speaker and his audience is consistently entertained by his short stories and common sense antidotes.

Looking forward to seeing more of Stan Goss and his Rewired, Rewired and Refired messages.

By Terry Krailo

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