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Retired, Rewired & Refired
Retired, Rewired & Refired is a Keynote Speech for all audiences and ages.  Its message is a wake-up call announcing the staggering reality of the new demographics of a population that is living longer than ever before. While the message is one that typically produces a "Holy Cow...I didn't know that!" effect on it's audiences, it's also delivered with humor, real life stories and inspiration and encouragement for people of all ages. Few speakers today are as relevant and topical for such a wide audience of Americans.

Every segment of our society will be effected by the changes coming our way! Stan Goss's message will not only provoke our thinking, but will provide bold and fresh ideas for positively and effectively dealing with these changes.

Ideal Venues:
     ♦  Corporate Gatherings and Events 
     ♦  National Conventions 
     ♦  Regional Meetings
     ♦  Annual Men's and Women's Events
     ♦  Christian and Religious Gatherings
     ♦  Organizational and Institutional Events

Additional Keynote Topics:
    ♦  Transformational Change
     ♦  Executive Development
     ♦  Leadership and Management
     ♦  Emotional Intelligence
     ♦  Mastery Coaching

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