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March 17, 2011
Mastery Coaching with Stan Goss

Monday March 14th marked the beginning of the new Mastery Coaching Workshop Series with Stan Goss.

The second series of Mastery Coaching Workshops kicked off with a bang as seven members of the new group got underway. Stan leads the workshop by setting the context for Mastery. Members of the group are treated to an in-depth review of the principles of mastery as outlined by George Leonard in his book "Mastery". The workshop progresses into the roles of Executive Coach and into an outlined summary of Ken Wilber's The Dynamics of the Integral Grid. - "The hard case for the soft skills."

Participation was high by the entire group as the container was established through a collective connection and universal engagement from all the members. A high level of enthusiasm was expressed by the entire group as the evening proceeded.

The second workshop in the series of four, will be held on April 11th at La Madeline in the Town and Country Center. Inquires are welcome. 281.773.5633
By Terry Krailo

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